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We are a collaboration of independent contractors striving to improve the lives of clients in all states of health

Our Mission

Promoting Healing Through Integrative Modalities Of Massage Therapy

Anna Baker

Anna Baker, LMT, MMP, MI, CDT
MT # 104848

Anna started Rockwall Medical Massage to work collaboratively with Rockwall’s medical community to maximize her client’s health and well-being. In 1996, she graduated from Massage Resources in Dallas. Over the years she studied many modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Massage, Orthopedic, Prenatal, Reflexology, Sports massage, Thai massage, and Visceral Manipulation. Anna is also certified in the Chikly Method of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and ACE massage cupping and MediCupping.

She spent the beginning of her career working with doctors and chiropractors. After moving to Rockwall, she worked at Every Body Massage with a great group of therapists. In 2009, she began working with kids with spasticity disorders. Although Anna had never worked with this population before, she learned there is a big need for therapists willing to serve kids in outlying areas. To grow as a therapist and serve her clients better, she completed 300 hours of training in medical massage as well as an internship at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Kristen Porter

Kristen Porter, LMT, CESMT
MT # 044473

Kristen began her career in 1999 in Ocala, FL by completing an Advanced Certification in Equine Sports Massage with Don Doran of Animal Dynamics. In 2005, she expanded her skills graduating from Hands On Therapy School of Massage in Mesquite. Kristen began working with local doctors and chiropractors which led to the opportunity in 2008 to open a private practice in Rockwall.

Throughout her career, Kristen has continued to expand her learning and mastery of multiple modalities of massage practice. Her vast experience includes the following methods: Chikly Method of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, ACE Massage Cupping/MediCupping, and Virginia Brown’s Myoflexxion Techniques for deep tissue and sports massage. Kristen also has refined massage skills in Trigger Point, Orthopedic, Thai Yoga, AromaTouch, Prenatal, and Reiki Level One. Her synergistic approach and practical applications of massage modalities have contributed to Kristen’s expertise. She strives to provide a custom massage plan for each client and is passionate about helping them achieve maximum functionality and freedom from pain.


Kristen is continuing her learning by working towards her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification and advanced classes with Chikly Health Institute. She enjoys spending her free time with her daughter and their animals, gardening, camping, and traveling.

Brandy Lancione.jpg

Brandy Lancione, LMT
MT # 139228

Brandy is a recent addition to the RMM family and we are just thrilled about it! Brandy chose to study at Parker University because it would give her “the greatest challenge”. Parker is a highly rated, rigorous University. In addition to the 500-hour course, Brandy completed an additional 100 hours of training and has completed 80 internship hours.


Brandy’s style is to focus on really listening- both to how her clients share about their problem areas and to what their bodies are telling her. She gains immense satisfaction seeing her clients leave our practice feeling “lighter”. She cares deeply about her life path and wants to “live in the solution”. Help us welcome her by scheduling and letting her show you her talent.

Amy Weber

Amy Weber, LMT ,MMP, Reiki
MT # 046620

In 1991 Amy graduated from Emporia State University in Kansas and spent several years working in the printing industry. However, her compassion for others ultimately inspired her to make a career change. In 2004 she graduated from Hands On Therapy School of Massage in Mesquite. Amy is certified in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage. Amy is also certified in CranioSacral therapy from the Upledger Institute. 

Amy is also a Level Three practitioner of Reiki, which studies the flow of the body’s energy and brings it into balance using a light touch. This practice reduces energetic and emotional blockages that are a result of stress and/or trauma and supports the natural flow of the body’s energy centers.  Amy believes that massage therapy can be an unexpected solution to many of the body’s general aches, pains, and dysfunctions. It is a simple way to receive great relief without long-term negative side effects. In her experience she tends to find that less is more, which is why she is attracted to light touch work such as CranioSacral therapy and Reiki energy work. In her spare time Amy enjoys painting, drawing, and working with her horses and dogs. She is also a huge fan of college basketball. Go Jayhawks!

Leigh McLaughlin, LMT, MMP.jpg

Leigh McLaughlin, LMT, MMP 
MT # 133743

Leigh has spent the last fifteen years of her life pursuing a passion for health, fitness, wellness, and the human body. She has been a practitioner and teacher in martial arts, kettlebells, weightlifting, and yoga. Leigh strongly believes that massage therapy is a critical part of overall health and wellness.


As a graduate of Hands On Approach School of Massage in Dallas, Leigh focuses on deep tissue massage and body mechanics. She specializes in working with athletes and active adults, teenagers heavily involved in school and club athletics, and executives in high-stress jobs that want an integrative approach to their health and overall wellness.

Ying Liu Crunk

Ying Liu Crunk, LMT, MI
MT # 040714

Ying Liu comes to Rockwall Medical Massage with over 20 years experience.  Ying received her massage training in China and enjoys blending her Traditional Chinese Massage methods with Western techniques.   Knowing that she is able to help people in pain, especially with headaches, feeds Ying’s passion for Massage therapy. 

In her spare time, Ying enjoys reading  and spending time with her grandchildren.

Matthew Aaron.jpg

Matthew Aaron, LMT, MMP
MT # 106549

Matthew has been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years. He incorporates reflexology into his approach, looking for clues from the hands, feet, and ears to guide the massage. Our hands, feet, and ears can point to problems in the body that we might not automatically associate with our pain.

“Pain is the body’s alarm system signaling that something needs attention,” says Matthew. His approach is tender, always looking for feedback from his customers. He’s dedicated to making sure that you get the massage experience that you want.

Photo Coming Soon!

Jason Manion, LMT
MT # 038044

Jason is a lifelong learner. His 22 years of experience and varied background allow him to address chronic issues with great success. He has a wonderful education path learning about the body from different perspectives. 


He found himself studying acupuncture and then chiropractic. He was an older student with years of massage under his belt and a strong grasp on anatomy and physiology- you know, the one asking all the questions in class and following the teacher down the hallway. Though he didn’t pursue a career path in those disciplines, he gained valuable insights from those years of cross-training that benefit him as an LMT. Jason is nothing if not enthusiastic about what he does and is still always eager to learn more.


With each massage session, Jason looks for the source of the issue. In addressing the root cause, he gives his clients the best chance at recovery. “Our bodies are tricky and influenced by our genetics, injuries, surgeries, diet, lifestyle, and stress” says Jason. He has a very deep understanding of how the body works and his customers benefit from his range and experience. 


Jason is married, a father to 2 daughters, and is a hobby tinkerer.

Amy Luchini.jpg

Amy Luchini, LMT

We are excited to welcome Amy to the team at RMM. She will be accepting clients mid June, and will make a great addition to our team.

Amy has been a massage therapist for 20 years and began her journey at Hands On Therapy in 2004. She is certified in many modalities including deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, prenatal, hot stones, Sports injury, Cupping, aromatherapy to name a few, but her greatest passion is with therapy. Healing begins from the inside out, so she makes it her priority to provide a safe space for healing. Only when you feel safe and relaxed can she utilize the other modalities for longer lasting results.

Amy is a mother, a former athlete of taekwondo and dance, and also understands grief on a deep level. Amy's goal is to create a peaceful environment and a catered individualized plan for recovery and rejuvenation.

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