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Make Massage Part of

Your Wellness Plan

Get Back to Doing What 

You Love


We specialize in utilizing different modalities (or therapies) to facilitate healing, tailoring the approach to your unique needs.


-We help our customers prepare and recover faster from surgeries.

-We help our athletes reduce inflammation and relieve nerve compression.

-We help improve digestion, increase flexibility, and reduce pain.

Utilizing a collaborative approach our Licensed Massage Therapists have been serving the Rockwall community since 2013. We are here to help you get out of pain and back to doing what you do best.

Medical Massage addresses the medical need underlying the pain or dysfunction to return the muscles to healthy functioning.

"I walked in feeling tight and stiff all over but walked out feeling extra relaxed."

-Rosalia Rivero

Sweedish Massage 90 Min

Therapist: Brandy Lancione

We have been searching for a place like this and we will definitely be returning very soon!

-Jacob Greene

"Carissa is outstanding and I highly recommend her. An awesome caring young woman with hands that are truly anointed by God. She is top-notch!"

-Pam Sitzes

Therapist: Carissa Ballard

Our Featured Therapist
Meet Amy

Amy is awesome-sauce. She just is! There's really not much more to say than that. Insert blurb here. (more)

Lymphatic Drainage for Wellness & Surgeries

Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound technique that helps increase immune function. Harmful substances are removed from the tissues and neutralized in the lymph nodes.


What does this mean? This means that your toxic burden is lowered and your body can heal itself faster.


Lymphatic drainage can be applied to clients who are suffering from a lack of energy, a sluggish immune system, or are pre- surgery or post-surgery (including cosmetic surgeries).

To read more click here.

Swedish Massage_edited.jpg

30-minutes       -         $60  
60-minutes       -         $95
90-minutes       -        $145  
120-minutes      -        $185

Open 7 days a week,

9 am to 7 pm 

1221 Arista Drive #200, Rockwall, TX
We are between Ridge Rd & Ralph Hall Parkway.


Note: Our entrance is off Arista Dr, not directly off the parking lot. 

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